Picket Across Puhipuhi Road

Before dawn this morning, Friday 8th July, the group coordinating action in relation to Evolution Mining Ltd’s activities on Puhipuhi mountain began another of their escalating series of actions, this time on Puhipuhi Road beside Whakapara Marae, on the route to Evolution’s drilling site.

“Evolution Mining have been secretive about much of their activities over the year they have held an exploration permit, to the extent they even had to hide the moving of their drilling equipment up the mountain a month ago under cover of darkness. This time – in the darkness before dawn – we are showing a spotlight on their activities,” said picket spokesperson Tim Howard.

“This is an information picket for travellers on Puhipuhi Road. We want to inform and show the representatives of Evolution Mining Ltd and their contractors that their companies’ activities are not wanted in this community. We want to stop them from going up this road any more to carry out or support hard rock drilling. We also want to inform members of the community about what is going on.” 

The picket – set up to coincide with Evolution Mining’s workers’ shift changes – has been organised to raise people’s awareness about the problems about drilling and toxic mining, and about the level of anger in the community about Evolution Mining’s current and proposed activities, drilling being the first stage of their mining programme. This committed group of picketers also want to express their upset about Evolution Mining drilling directly under land that Ngati Hau is hoping to receive uncompromised in the upcoming Treaty settlement process.